2016-2017 Executive Board

Co-President: Sophi Leto, Senior


Major: Anthropology

Minors: Art History, Latin American Studies, Public Policy

Fun Fact: I traveled to Cuba in winter of 2015!

Why I buildOn: I joined buildOn because I was, and continue to be, inspired by its dedication to improving education around the world. BuildOn is a movement, not a charity. While buildOn does charitable work around the US and abroad its main goal is to empower others to make positive changes. As Jim Ziolkowski, the founder of buildOn, has said, “Each of us has the power to take action, to light a fire and be the ignition for others.”     

Co-President: Brandon Williams, Senior


Majors: International Relations and Public Policy

Minors: Biology and Spanish

Fun Fact: I traveled to Bulgaria and Serbia in January and can speak some Bulgarian. здрасти!

Why I buildOn: I became part of buildOn in a very odd way. My junior year, after changing my major, I was sitting in my first Public Policy class and a member of the exec board came to talk about their trek to Burkina Faso. I had always been interested in human rights and development and I knew going to Burkina Faso was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I joined that semester and since then, the club has become a significant part of my time at the University of Delaware.

Vice President: Shelby Roseman, Senior

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 6.06.00 PM

Major: Chemistry

Minor: Biochemistry & Spanish

Fun Fact: I studied abroad in India in Winter 2016!

Why I buildOn: I joined BuildOn because it is the most sustainable nonprofit I have encountered. I love that BuildOn partners with communities to improve access to education. In addition, I was inspired by the dedicated individuals I met on BuildOn’s Eboard, and could not resist the opportunity to join the movement!

Treasurer: Joe Lacovara, Sophomore

DSC_0297Major: Finance

Minor: International Business with Japanese

Fun Fact: I can speak Japanese!

Why I buildOn: I love helping others and I wanted to do something on campus where I could volunteer my time to help those in need.


Secretary: Rebekah Shrier, Sophomore


Majors: Human Services & Psychology

Minors: Philosophy & Cognitive Science

Fun Fact:I volunteered in the Dominican Republic Summer 2016 and will study abroad in Barbados Winter 2017 (working with kids during both programs!)

Why I buildOn: I love working with kids and believe education is such an essential aspect of development. I believe every child worldwide deserves access to education. buildOn’s mission greatly aligned with my passions and I am super excited to become more involved in this incredible organization!

Internal Fundraising Chair: Tali Gasko, Sophmore


Majors:Landscape Architecture

Fun Fact: I spent my last semester of high school in Israel

Why I buildOn: I joined buildOn because I believe that those that do not have access to education are the ones that can make the greatest difference once that access is given.

External Fundraising Chair: Jasmina Chatani, Senior

DSC_0225Major: Psychology

Minors: Human Development and Family Studies

Fun Fact: I have extremely small feet!

Why I buildOn: I was interested in joining a service organization and I attended a meeting and realized buildOn was comprised of dedicated and kind individuals who wish to provide quality education to children in developing countries. buildOn really makes sure that the community has a part in the planning and construction of schools and strives to make all of its’ schools gender-equal which I greatly admire.

Awareness Co-Chair: Olivia Castillo, Sophmore


Major: Biology

Minor: Forensics

Fun Fact: I pride myself on how quickly I can run backwards.

Why I buildOn: I had been involved in similar things in the past and loved being able to work so closely with others to make a big difference. When I head more about buildOn’s mission, I wanted to be as involved as I could be. Even though it doesn’t have much do to with my academic path, buildOn is an incredible organization to be a part of and I can’t wait to go on my first trek in the winter!


Awareness Co-Chair: Rachel Pappas, Junior


Majors: Elementary Education

Fun Fact: Michael Jordan has called my house before!

Why I buildOn: I joined BuildOn after attending a Trek meeting. Once I heard about BuildOn’s mission, I knew immediately that I wanted to get more involved. I strongly believe that education is a basic human right, so I think that the work BuildOn does to break the cycle of illiteracy, poverty, and low expectations is extremely important.

Community Service Chair: Adriel, Senior




Fun Fact:

Why I buildOn: 


Public Relations Chair: Jessica Ly, Senior


Major: Business Management

Fun Fact: I was born in Vietnam and can speak the language fluently!

Why I buildOn: I joined buildOn because I want to help fulfill its mission to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations. I am inspired by everyone’s dedication and achievements thus far. I also love that we are improving education and building a better future for not only America’s youth, but for the youth worldwide.