Development and Human Rights Night

As part of our week long awareness campaign, Seva Week, buildOn will be hosting our first-ever Development and Human Rights Night. Students can learn how they can get involved with RSOs working under this theme and about current issues in development and human rights on the continent of Africa.

The RSOs

Amnesty International


Amnesty International is a student group that strives to bring human rights to the attention of University students through outreach and awareness campaigns. This year alone we have done events regarding the death penalty, forced marriage, and education to name a few.

Contact: Natalie Medlock, President

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Engineers Without Borders: University of Delaware Chapter


Engineers Without Borders at the University of Delaware is committed to designing and implementing sustainable solutions to problems in international developing communities and bridging cultural, economical, and political divides.

Contact: Kyle Lusignea, President

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City Year


City Year is an education – focused nonprofit organization that works to help keep students in school and on track to graduate by uniting teams of divers, young AmeriCorps members for a year of full-time service in schools.

Contact: Dawn Lastowka, City Year Recruiter

   McKenzie Horan, Campus Recruitment Ambassador


Partners in Health Engage


Partners in Health Engage strives to raise awareness and funds for those deprived of basic healthcare needs throughout the world and to give students a voice in global issues through advocacy and education.

Contact: Lauren Villa, President

          Megan Ferris, Co-President

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Indian Student Association


Indian Student Association is a RSO on UD campus that seeks to promote cultural awareness and student involvement activities related to the Indian and Indian-American cultural heritage. Our main goal is to create an tmosphere that encourage new friendships and happiness where everyone is welcome to explore the amazing Indian traditions.

Contact: Desik Somasundaram, President

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International Justice Mission


IJM at UD exists to unveil to the campus and community the true reality and magnitude of oppression (specifically, human-trafficking and slavery) throughout the world and even throughout our country.

Contact: Amanda Valeski,

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One Day Seyoum

logo.pngOne Day Seyoum aims to spread awareness of the current political situation in Eritrea and put pressure on the Eritrean government to release all the unjustly imprisoned journalists in the country. The organization carries the name of Vanessa Behre’s uncle Seyoum Tsehaye, who was imprisoned in 2001 without a proper trial and without being officially charged with a crime.

Contact: Vanessa Behre, President





H.O.P.E., the Human Oppression Prevention Effort

H.O.P.E., the Human Oppression Prevention Effort, is dedicated to educating and mobilizing the University of Delaware student, faculty, and staff communities regarding human rights abuses that occur both domestically and abroad. Our recent efforts have focused on the conflict mineral crisis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Once the university is engaged and informed, H.O.P.E. aims to secure a commitment from the central administration to incite change in the university’s business partners that use conflict minerals. Through collaboration among H.O.P.E., the campus community, and the central administration, we hope to make the University of Delaware a conflict-mineral free campus.

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The Speakers

DHR Event Poster