What for?

Each year, out chapter and many others across the U.S. take on the challenge of raising money to fund a school in a developing country. Our chapter is currently funding a second school in Burkina Faso. This will be the third school our chapter has funded since its start at the University of Delaware.

How much?

Each school is roughly $30,000. This cost cover all materials needed for the school’s construction as well as the professional staff overseeing the project.

How do we do it?

Raising the cost of the school is both a individual and group effort. Members of our chapter set up online fundraising pages where they can ask for donations from family and friends. Throughout the semester, we hold numerous fundraisers in order to reach our $30,000. We hold monthly restaurant fundraisers on main street, work the concession stands at the Wilmington Blue Rocks games, and do canning on campus. We also sell buildOn’s Breaking Grounds coffee throughout the year.

Find out how you can contribute to our cause:
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