Where is Senegal?

1084px-Senegal_in_Africa_(-mini_map_-rivers).svg.pngSenegal, officially the Republic of
Senegal, is a small country on the west coast of Africa. It borders Mauritania, Mali, Guinea, and Guinea-Bissau. Its capital is Dakar, which is located on the western-most tip of the country. The national language of Senegal is French.


Senegal Political Facts.jpgDue to internal political difficulties, the Mali Federation broke up, and Senegal and Sudan proclaimed independence.  After the breakup, President Senghor and Prime Minister Mamadou Dia governed together under a parliamentary system. In December 1962, their political rivalry lead to an attempted coup by Dia. Abdou Diouf was president from 1981 to 2000 after President Senghor retired from politics. During the turn of the century, there was a shift within the Senegalese government from socialism to a democracy, led by the Senegalese Democratic Party’s Abdoulaye Wade. In 2012 Macky Sall won the presidential election, and since then has made various changes to Senegal’s constitution regarding the powers of the President.

EducationEducation in Senegal.png

In Senegal, education is free up until age 16, and the state ensures that every citizen has access to education. But, due to limited resources and low demand for secular education in areas where Islamic education is more prevalent, the law is not fully enforced. The Ministry of Labor has indicated that the public school system is unable to cope with the number of children that must enroll each year. As a result, many school-age children seek education and training through more informal means. A large number apprentice themselves to shop, where they receive no wages. In primary school, French grammar and reading, math and science, and geography are emphasized the most.





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